Article #2 - The Bike Ride and the Balm…



by Jim Robinson (Bike ride happened 03/31/11-True Story)


So I had to pick up my car from the dealership, 2.4 miles away from my house. No one was around to give me a lift, so I thought I can walk but I’m in a hurry so what to do. Hmmmmmmmm… I know my 12 years old daughter has a new bike so I’ll use her old one.


I put air in the tires and thought to myself “I haven’t ridden a bicycle in years, I should put some Herbal Chi Balm on my Thighs”. I figured my Thighs would hurt after not peddling a bike for so long, but I really didn’t think I’d be sore anywhere else. So I Balm’ed up my Thighs and peddled off.


A few blocks away I realize for an Adult riding a child’s bike, the seat should be higher, to accommodate longer legs. My knees began to hurt, but I still had a long way to go. So I trudged on, I’m not a quitter. I came upon a small uphill grade, I had to stand and peddle to make it, but I did. Then I hit the downhill section and rode it out, afterward I needed to rest for a second or ten. I needed to straighten my legs.


A few seconds later I hopped back on and peddled off. I hit the 1 mile mark, and at this point I’m near a friend’s house and think, “you know I’d rather walk and I can leave my bike with Jeff”, but kept going. Then a couple blocks later I think. “Man I should have dropped this thing at Jeff’s and I only know 1 more person before in this neighborhood before I get to the Business district’. This means, only 1 more chance to drop off this bike, hoof it the rest of the way, while saving my knees, and without worrying about the bike getting stolen.


I stopped at the house and thought,” well I can’t just drop it and run”. So I knocked, but no one answered. I didn’t want anyone thinking anything weird, like I was casing the place or anything. So guess what, I hopped back on and rode away. Knowing that this was the last chance to lost the bike and just walk.


I am more than half way there, turning around would hurt worse, but what I didn’t think about was the last quarter mile was all up hill. Now at that point my elbow began to hurt too. I had no choice, I pressed on and by the time I got to the Dealership, I was in pain, sweaty, and breathing fast like I just rode a bicycle 2.4 miles uphill. I thought “Why the Heck didn’t I think to use Herbal Chi Balm in more places than just my Thighs”. Although, I was glad I did think to put it on them, because at least they didn’t hurt.


I got my car put the bike in the back and drove home. I went straight to the Balm and put it every place that hurt. The pain went away and I felt fine all day, later that night, my knee began to bug me again. I was at a ball game, and had thought to bring my balm with me luckily. I applied more to my knee. It stopped hurting. I didn’t put on any more that night and when I woke up the next morning none of those places hurt, period. 


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