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Grandmaster Yau Explains Herbal Chi Balm and His KungFu Lineage...


What Herbal Chi Balm Does

Herbal Chi Balm Natural Pain Relief for stiffness due to everyday activities, or intense workout. No need for those smelly deep heating rubs when Herbal Chi has a mild calming smell that you will enjoy. as it invigorates your Chi while it sooths away the pain.

Whether you're a Weekend Warrior or a Professional athlete, this product can help you. When used before a work out or a game, it will help you with your strength, focus, balance, and endurance. Herbal Chi when used during cool down will also help with Recovery.


Herbal Chi Balm when is used with Acupressure, is a New and Exciting way to use this product. Read more about it below.

What is Herbal Chi Balm

Herbal Chi Balm an old world formula brought to the 21st century by Kung Fu Grandmaster Greg Yau. Herbal Chi Balm is derived from an ancient Shaolin "Dit Da Jow"(a healing liniment) and is currently be made in small batches to keep our high quality 100% organic topical rub at it's best.


This formula is not only secret but it also has a proprietary manufacturing process which makes it impossible to copy, and is the reason Herbal Chi Balm works on pain the way it does.


For instant relief apply right to effected area, or for Daily maintenance use with Herbal Acupressure.


Herbal Chi Balm when used with Acupressure, is a New and Exciting way to invigorate your Mind, Body, and Soul.


It's called Herbal Acupressure and the results are pretty Amazing. You do not need to study Acupressure to utilize this new technique, because we have a wonderful Herbal Acupressure general use guide. Not only is it helpful, but it is also Very easy to use.


 Applying Herbal Chi Balm to acupressure points accelerates your ”Chi” or “vital life energy” flow. Stimulating acupressure points with Herbal Acupressure can relieve pain, as it releases tension, increases blood circulation and allows your body to heal faster.


So get your Herbal Chi Balm Today, and open endless possibilities tomorrow.

Important Information

Herbal Chi Balm
is currently offering it's product to the United States first. International orders coming soon.


Shipping Terms
all Herbal Chi Balm is shipped via U.S. Mail. to Arrange other Shippng methods you can Contact us.







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